Mark Long

Mark Long has a wealth of experience with the auditing requirements of RTO’s. Over the years Mark has assisted many Colleges across a number of industry sectors meet compliance. In addition he has been an external auditor for the Vocational Education and Accreditation Board (VETAB). In those years Mark conducted initial and re-registration audits across all disciplines in the VET sector.


Mark is one of the few consultants in VET who is officially registered with an international body of auditors. As a certified auditor Mark maintains a professional standard which is monitored by Exemplar Global.  This assurance reinforces his reputation as a practicing 

More recently Mark has been helping RTO’s become registered as providers of Higher Education. This involves developing the applications for registration and accreditation.

What Mark can offer you

In addition to the writing of assessment tools, Mark provides an active consultancy to assist potential or registered RTO’s and CRICOS colleges with:


Applications for initial RTO and or CRICOS registration

Applications for extensions to scope

Registration renewals

Annual internal audits

Monitoring audits

Internal delegation audits

Course accreditation


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