Our Service to You


We can provide you with a consulting service to support your RTO/CRICOS operations. Having compliant tools is an important step in meeting the Regulators requirements. But to be fully compliant you will need to have sound processes in place for each of the standards. We will cover the following to ensure compliance:
  1. Review- Identify non- compliances against standards with current operations
  2. Rectification- Outline rectification strategies to meet requirements
  3. Implementation- Implement new practices based on requirements
  4. Control- Establish control processes to sustain good practice
Resources for your Audit


We are pleased to provide a set of resources that will give you critical evidence to meet the five phases of the ASQA student-centred model.
We have listed just some of the tools that are available that can be customised to take the heat out of operating a professional College:

Stage 1: Marketing

  • Marketing Register

  • Website Check Sheet

  • Continuous improvement Register

  • Policy and Procedures for Marketing

Stage 2: Enrolment

  • Is this course for you? Check Sheet

  • Enrolment form

  • Student Handbook

  • Policy and  Procedures for Enrolment

Stage 3: Support Services

  • Memorandum of Understanding with Third Party

  • Support Services Check Sheet

  • Policy and Procedure for complaints and appeals

  • Policy and Procedures for Supporting Students

Stage 4: Training and Assessment

  • Training and Assessment Strategy Template

  • Assessment Validation and moderation Template

  • Professional Development Register

  • Policy and Procedures for Training and Assessing

Stage 5: Completion

  • Check Sheet for Statements of Attainment and Qualifications

  • Register of Qualifications issued

  • Records Management Check Sheet

  • Policy and Procedures for certification

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What We Offer

We can work with you to meet all the standards to ensure your next application, desk or site audit is 100% compliant. Examples of how our consulting can help are:

Development of Training and Assessment Strategies

Conducting effective Consultation processes

Support processes for the Learner

Implementing Assessment Validations

Documenting the skills and professional development of your Trainers and Assessors

Using our Pre enrolment and screening processes

Monitoring your Operations and continuous improvement processes

Documented Policy and Procedures for your College’s key processes 


We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or our messaging template